Tuesday, 10 March 2015

The Ghostly Horseman of Burley, Hampshire

Another ghost is reported to lurk in Burley Lawn. He is said to be seen riding past the tree where he was hanged back in 1759. He rides a brown horse and wears a smart suit with bright metal buttons. You can’t miss him if you see him the story goes. No doubt this is true. I made my way to Burley Lawn, but there was no sign of which tree might be the haunted one. I asked a passerby about the ghost.

“Now, I have heard of that story,” said the gentleman in a thick tweed jacket. He looked around and rubbed his chin. “Don’t know exactly where he is meant to be seen. But it is definitely round here. They hanged him here, you see.”

from "Haunted Hampshire" by Rupert Matthews.
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