Thursday, 12 March 2015

A Tragic Ghost of Exeter, Devon

A Tragic Ghost of Exeter, Devon
Another spectre no longer to be seen is that of Elliot Drake, who lived at Nutwell Court on the road to Exmouth a generation or two after his illustrious relative Sir Francis. Wild and impetuous, young Elliot was drinking one night in Exeter when the talk turned to the merits of the horses owned by the various young gallants around the table. Elliot challenged those present to a race back to Nutwell Court. The race took a tragic turn when Elliot was thrown by his horse at the very gates of his home. The poor man broke his neck as he fell. The ghost of Elliot was seen several times recreating his last ride at full gallop. The ghost, unlike the man, reached home and dismounted before vanishing. The ghost has not been seen for at least 25 years. The current owners of Nutwell Court have lived there since 1977 and have seen nothing.

from "Haunted Devon" by Rupert Matthews
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