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An Early Report about the Nittaewo

An Early Report about the Nittaewo

Some centuries later the Arab traveller Ibn Battuta visited India on his way from Arabia to China. In 1344 he reached Sri Lanka where he was told about strange "monkey-men" who lived in the dense forests of the interior mountains.
"I was told by Sheikh Othman and his son, two pious and credible persons, that monkey-men have a leader whom they follow as if he were their king. About his head is tied a turban of leaves from trees, and he reclines upon a staff. At his right and left hand are four monkey-men, his servants, with rods in their hands all of which stand at his head whenever the leading monkey-man sits. His wives and children are daily brought in on these occasions, who sit down before him. Then comes a number of the monkey-men who sit and form a sort of assembly about him. One of the four monkey-men then address them and they disperse. After this each of them comes in with a nut, a lemon or some fruit which he throws down before the leader. He then eats, together with his wives, children and the four main monkey-men. Then they all disperse. One of the Jogees also told me that he once saw the four monkey-men standing in the presence of the leader and beating another monkey-man with rods, after which they plucked out all his hair."

from Nittaewo - the Ape-Man of Sri Lanka (Cryptid Casebook Book 7)


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