Friday, 16 January 2015

Bizarre effect of a UFO on car headlights, Australia

Bizarre effect of a UFO on car headlights, Australia

Rather more bizarre than simply switching them off was the effect on the headlights of a car travelling near Bendigo in Victoria, Australia, on the night of 4 April 1966. Ronald Sullivan was driving along a long straight rural road in a remote area near Bendigo when the beams sent out by headlights of his car suddenly began bending to the right.

Understandably puzzled, Sullivan braked to a halt intending to inspect his headlights. As he got out of his car, however, Sullivan noticed a round or domed object in a field off the road in the direction towards which the headlights were bending. The object was of indistinct shape and glowed with various, shifting colours, most noticeably red and blue. The object then lifted in to the air and flew off, after which the headlights returned to normal.

from "Alien Encounters" by Rupert Matthews.
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