Monday, 26 January 2015

A Ghostly Monk at Gloucester Cathedral

A Ghostly Monk at Gloucester Cathedral

Rather more visible is the ghostly monk who appears in full daylight just outside the South Transept. This was the first part of the old Norman cathedral to be rebuilt in Perpendicular style with the money pouring in from visiting pilgrims. There is a small door leading from the green close into the cathedral. It is not much used these days, but when this was an abbey it gave access to the domestic buildings of the monks and frequently saw hooded figures passing to and fro.

It is one of those figures that is seen here still. Clad in dark robes and with his hood pulled up over his head, he walks through the doorway, quite ignoring the fact that the door itself is kept locked. One witness in 1998 mistook him for a guide and was about to ask a question when the figure seemed to shimmer somehow and faded from view. Most unnerving.

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