Wednesday, 31 December 2014

NEW EBOOK - Ghosts of Dorchester (Bretwalda Ghost Files Book 6)

NEW EBOOK - Ghosts of Dorchester (Bretwalda Ghost Files Book 6)

My colleague Jordan has a new ebook out.

Dorchester is the county town of Dorset, a quiet haven of shops, pubs and Roman ruins - but there are also ghosts, phantoms and spooks of many kinds.
This book looks at the ghosts that haunt this town. Jordan Godwinstone has visited the haunted properties and investigate the spooky goings on. In this book we meet a phantom Roman, the spectre of the vengeful Judge Jeffreys and the colourful ghost of a vicar who returns to his old church - among others.
The “Bretwalda Ghost Files” series seeks to look at some of the best known or best authenticated hauntings the have been reported.

About the Author
Jordan Godwinstowe has been studying ghosts for the past 30 years. He began by investigating ghosts to pass the evenings while away from home on business trips, but more recently has been undertaking journeys specifically to carry out investigations into reputedly haunted buildings. He has a vast archive of photos and witness statements about hauntings and ghosts of many different kinds. Now he brings his extensive expertise to bear on the Bretwalda Ghost Files.

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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

VIDEO - The Nandi Bear, cryptid casebook

VIDEO - The Nandi Bear, cryptid casebook

Lurking among the forested hills of East Africa is said to be a bear-like animal of unparalleled power and ferocity. It can kill a man with a blow of its clawed foot, it feasts on children, sheep and goats, but most terrifying of all is the fact that it eats only the brains of its victims. This is the description usually given of the Nandi Bear. But does the animal really exist?

There are eyewitness reports, footprints and the mangled bodies of victims to prove the existence of the Nandi Bear, but as yet nobody has ever caught one, killed one or produced definitive evidence of its existence. Science refuses to accept that this elusive beast really exists, but those who live in the forested hills have no doubts. They walk in fear of the creatures.

In this book cryptid expert Larry Jaffer reviews the evidence for this mysterious beast and comes to some surprising conclusions.

Cryptids are animals, or plants, which are believed by some people to exist, but which have not been accepted as real by the wider scientific community. These cryptids are animals which have been seen, and sometimes photographed, but for which no definitive evidence has been found. This series of Cryptid Casebooks explores the world of the cryptids.

Introduction - The Cryptid Casebook
Chapter 1 - Evidence for the Nandi Bear
Chapter 2 - Conclusions about Nandi Bear
Appendix - A note on nomenclature
Appendix B - Credits

About the Author
Larry Jaffer has long had an interest in the fortean mysteries that surround us. He grew up in the Surrey when the Surrey Puma hit the headlines, and went out in search of that elusive beast - without success. Since then he has researched a myriad of other cryptids, including Sasquatch, the sea serpent, the Beast of Bodmin and others. He has also investigated UFO sightings and tracked down numerous ghosts and poltergeists. He has a voluminous archive of witness interviews, photos and other data to back up his writings on the subjects of the unusual, paranormal and downright odd.

Monday, 29 December 2014

The West Malling Visual-Radar UFO sighting

The West Malling Visual-Radar UFO Sighting

In 1953 the flying saucer wave crossed the Atlantic when the West Malling Incident took place. On 3 November two RAF officers, T.S. Johnson and G. Smythe were flying a reconnaissance mission in their Vampire jet fighter. They were at 20,000 feet over West Malling in Kent when they spotted a round, brightly lit object high above them.

As the two airmen watched, the strange object dived toward their fighter. As it drew closer they saw that it was disc-shaped and that a ring of intensely bright lights glared out from its rim. The object flew around the Vampire, then made off at high speed. It had been in sight for about 30 seconds. Meanwhile the object had been picked up by a  radar station at Lee Green, also in Kent, and had been seen from the ground by a member of the anti-aircraft gun crew at RAF West Malling.

News of the sighting leaked to the local newspapers, and was taken up by the national media. Three weeks after the event one of Kent’s Members of Parliament, Colonel Schofield, asked a question in the House of Commons about the incident. The Minister of Defence, Mr Birch, replied “Two experimental meteorological balloons were observed at different times on 3 November. There was nothing peculiar about either of the occurrences.” Another MP, Mr Isaacs, jumped up to ask a supplementary question “Will the Minister agree that this story of flying saucers is all ballooney?” The house dissolved in laughter, then moved on to other business.

Many suspected that Mr Isaacs had been fed his witty question in advance by the government to detract attention from the incident. If so, it worked. As in the Gorman dogfight sighting in America the authorities used weather balloons as an unlikely explanation of a very serious event.

from "UFOs" by Rupert Matthews
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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Reports of an Alien Autopsy at Roswell

Reports of an Alien Autopsy at Roswell

One part of Corso’s story was immediately tied into what appears now to have been a carefully constructed hoax, but at the time was thought to be possible final proof of the Roswell UFO Crash. Corso said that he read a report that detailed an autopsy carried out on one of the aliens that had died in the crashed saucer at Roswell. Corso gave a lot of detail that he remembered from this report. He said that the bones were fibrous in structure, not cellular like most bones of terrestrial creatures. The lungs and heart showed signs of having been bioengineered, presumably so that they could withstand the rigours of interstellar travel. The musculature indicated that the being came from a planet with a lower gravitational pull than Earth, so it was thought that it would have had difficulty moving on Earth.

According to Corso the report said that two of the aliens had survived the crash. One had tried to flee the crash scene and had been shot by a military guard. The second had been injured in the crash and died a few months later. One doctor suspected that Earth’s atmosphere while not actually toxic to the aliens, did not fully agree with their physiology.

This reference to an autopsy was quickly linked to what was claimed to be a few minutes of movie footage that showed the autopsy taking place. The reports began circulating even before Corso’s book hit the bookshops. According to Ray Santilli, a British film producer, he had been approached by a retired cameraman who had worked for the US military in the 1940s and 1950s. This cameraman claimed to have kept some footage of top secret projects on which he had worked, and now wanted to sell them. He said he wanted to buy a wedding present for his granddaughter.

Santilli said that at first he was doubtful if the footage would have any great commercial value given that projects classified as highly secret in 1950 would probably be declassified by 1995. The footage might, he thought, have some use to companies making history documentaries, so he agreed to view it. He was amazed when one section showed what appeared to be an autopsy of an alien humanoid. The cameraman said that he had shot that sequence in 1947 at a USAAF base in Fort Worth, Texas.

from "Roswell" by Rupert Matthews
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Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Ghost Sighting at the Sun Inn, just north of Houghton le Spring

A Ghost Sighting at the Sun Inn, just north of Houghton le Spring

Take, for instance, the haunting of the Sun Inn, just north of Houghton le Spring. The ghost here is of a middle aged man, but he has no story to explain him. An account of the ghost was given to me by Neil, the chef at the pub.

“Oh right. Well, I’ve seen him a few times, see. But got my best look last winter. My washer and me were in here early in the morning doing our prep – you know getting the vegetables sliced and everything ready for quick cooking. Got to be freshly cooked to taste right, see.

“Anyhow, we were all alone in the pub and working away when the ghost walks along that corridor out there, past the kitchen door that was open. He was an oldish fellah, I think, and wearing a dark jacket. But you’d know him if you saw him. My mate looks up and says ‘Did you see that? Who was that?’ I told him it was just the ghost, but he wouldn’t have it. He insisted it was a real person walking around. So we went out into the corridor, but as you can see there is just that door at the end that opens out into the car park at the rear. There was nobody in the corridor, of course, so we open the door and look in the car park. Nobody there. And because it had snowed the night before we could see there were no footprints either. No one had walked out that door and that’s a fact.” Neil chuckled. “My mate’s face was a picture. I reckon he believes in ghosts now alright.”

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Word about Poltergeists

A Word about Poltergeists

The word “poltergeist” is German for “noisy ghost”, but that does not even begin to describe the range of activities that these entities get up to - nor the sheer terror that they can inspire. When the director of a horror movie is looking for ghostly events with which to scare his audience, it is to the poltergeist that he turns. Their ability to scare, terrify and persecute is endless and their tricky malevolence beyond dispute.

Poltergeists have gone by various names in the past. They have been thought to be a wicked tribe of fairies, being called boggles or boggarts. Others have thought they are demons from hell, or familiar spirits sent by witches and wizards to wreak havoc. These days the disturbances are subjected to more scientific enquiry and more rational explanations sought - though not always with any real success.

Poltergeists come in many forms and their activities can be astonishingly diverse. What links al the cases is that unseen hands move objects, create noises and generally make a nuisance of themselves in a particular house or place of work. Some poltergeists content themselves with childish pranks, others indulge in the full panoply of terror.

from "Paranormal Surrey" by Rupert Matthews.
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