Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Busby UFO

The Busby UFO

In the later 1940s the flying suacer reports that were made to the press or the military were usually fairly vague. People reported seeing saucer-shaped object flying very fast, or bright lights at night moving in unusual ways.

On 19 August 1947, for instance, a Mr and Mrs Busby were sitting on the porch of their house in Butte, Montana, with a neighbour enjoying the warm evening. A large bright object flew overhead, heading northeast at a tremendous speed. Ten minutes later another ten objects came over flying rather slower, but again heading northeast. As the startled witnesses watched, three of the objects peeled off from the triangular formation and headed due north.

The Busby’s did not give any clear description of these objects as regards size, shape or colour. Merely that they were bright and moved fast.

from ALIEN ENCOUNTERS by Rupert Matthews

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Issues surroudning UFO Crashes

Issues surroudning UFO Crashes

Since early in the year 1950 there have been repeated rumours, supposition and some evidence that things have not gone entirely the way that the aliens controlling the UFOs would want. Indeed, some researchers suggest that things have been going wrong for the aliens right from the very earliest days of UFO activity in the wake of World War II.

Many witnesses to UFO landings and the behaviour of the beings that have emerge from them reported that the aliens had seemed disturbed by the presence of humans. Whatever the aliens had landed to do, and very often this seemed to include studying wildlife and plants, had been stopped by the arrival of humans. In itself this indicated that the alien project - whatever it was - was being routinely disturbed. That need not mean that the aliens had been deflected from their purpose. After all, they may well have built into their plans the assumption that some landings would be disturbed and cut short.

However, the loss of a UFO with its crew, and their capture by human authorities, would most certainly represent a blow to the aliens and their work. Whatever else can be said about UFOs and their crews, the desire to remain anonymous and unproven would seem to be paramount. After all, if the UFOnauts wanted to make direct and open contact with humanity, they need only land in Central Park, outside the Tower of London or in Red Square. That they choose to land in remote rural areas and flee when seen by humans must show that they wish to remain elusive.

And yet there have been repeated suggestions that UFOs have crashed, that their crews have been killed and that both UFO and crew have been recovered by human governments to be taken away for study. For obvious reasons, such allegations remain unproved. If they are true, the governments concerned have clear and pressing motives for denying that they ever happened and for covering up the evidence. If they did not take place, those same governments would have equally obvious motives for saying that they did not take place.

To find the truth, it is clear that little value can be placed on official documents willingly issued by the authorities. CIA Director Richard Helms was once asked what was the single most important rule of keeping secrets. He replied “Put nothing on paper”. It must be assumed that if UFOs have crashed and been recovered that governments would follow Helms’s advice as closely as they could.

from UFO by Rupert Matthews

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Roswel UFO Crash - Blanchard goes on leave

The Roswel UFO Crash - Blanchard goes on leave

Authorising the press release was not the only odd thing that Blanchard did that day. He also went on leave. For a base commander to abandon his post for a holiday when the world’s press were besieging the place, clamouring for news of an incident at the base is odd enough. That a military commander might leave when he thought that his men had captured a UFO is even more baffling. It is usually taken that Blanchard did genuinely believe that his men had acquired parts of a flying saucer. Not only had he authorised Haut’s release, but he had sent Marcel off with some of the debris to the highly secretive Wright Field so that it could be analysed.

While Blanchard was away for the next three weeks, his post was taken by his deputy Lieutenant Colonel Payne Jennings. Jennings had been alerted on Sunday 6 July that he would be filling in for Blanchard. This was rather short notice, but not suspiciously so. What it does show, however, is that Blanchard decided to take his leave only two or three days before he went. Again this is somewhat unusual, but not bizarre.

Given the timings of the various events relating to the Roswell Incident, however, the timing of Blanchard’s leave takes on new importance. According to the official version put out by the USAAF, the first the military had known of anything unusual was when Sheriff Wilcox phoned Major Marcel on 7 July when Mac Brazel arrived in Roswell with his box of debris. Marcel had then gone out to collect up the debris, returning to Roswell air base late that evening. He had then shown the debris to Blanchard on the morning of 8 July, whereupon Blanchard authorised the press release and went on leave.

Since it is very unlikely that Blanchard would have gone for a holiday when his base had captured a flying saucer, the official version seems unlikely to be true. Sceptics argue that Blanchard did not go on leave until after Ramey had unmasked the debris as being from a weather balloon. They point to a press report dated 9 July saying that Blanchard had gone on leave, but all this proves is that he had left by noon on 9 July, not that he was on the base until then. In any case, several of the military witnesses, including Haut, say that they remember Blanchard leaving before Ramey’s statement came through.

However, if the official version is rejected then the timing of Blanchard’s leave takes on a new significance. Several researchers believe that the flying saucer crashed on the night of 4 July and that military men moved in to cordon off the area on the morning of 5 July. If this is true, it means that the USAAF was aware of the crashed saucer the day before Blanchard decided to go on leave.

from ROSWELL by Rupert Matthews

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A Classic Ghost

A Classic Ghost
As with any study of the paranormal, it is best to start by setting out what I am seeking to investigate, what I am not seeking to investigate, and how I intend to do it.

I am most emphatically not seeking to deal with ghosts in the classical sense of the word. A “classic ghost” is usually a very distinct type of an apparition. I have investigated a large number of such hauntings and have spoken to a wide range of witnesses. Take, for instance, the haunting of the Black Horse pub in West Bolden, just outside Sunderland in northern England.

The Black Horse is reputedly haunted by the ghost of a man who was badly wounded during some sort of a riot or fracas outside. The unfortunate man was carried into the pub by his friends to receive medical aid, but died an hour or two later. That happened more than two centuries ago, but the ghost remains. In 2003 the pub got a new landlord who told me about his first encounter with the ghost.

“Well I was in here opening up one day. Lovely day it was and I had the front door open to let the air in. I was tidying up glasses and stuff by the bar when something made me glance toward the door. That’s when I saw this man sitting there by the door looking out the window. He was quite solid, not see through or anything like that. He was wearing a long dark coat of a very rough texture. Funny how you remember details. It was coarse and woollen, I felt I could just reach out and touch it. And he had a big dark-coloured hat on with a wide brim. I think he was wearing boots as well, but wouldn’t swear to it. He looked about 45 or 50 to me and was pretty heavily built, definitely not a thin man.

“Anyway, I thought he was an early customer come in to wait for us to open. So I called across ‘Can I help you’, or words to that effect. The man turned to look at me and I suddenly thought how sad he looked. Then he was gone. Just like that. He did not walk off, he did not fade away. Nothing. He was there, then he was gone. I tell you, I left this bar in a real hurry. The hairs on the back of my neck were sticking right up.

“At first I wasn’t sure what to do. I mean, you wouldn’t be would you? I didn’t tell anyone what I had seen. Then some time later one of our girls mentioned the pub was meant to be haunted and told me about the man and all. So then I knew that I had seen the ghost. Like I said, I didn’t hold with all that when I came here. But I do now.”

from POLTERGEIST by Rupert Matthews

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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What are the Aliens up to?

The explanation most favoured by those researching UFOs is that they are spacecraft bringing aliens to Earth. Opinions differ as to why the aliens are visiting our planet. Some think that they are basically friendly or at worst disinterested observers. Other researchers fear they are hostile and cite cases of people being abducted to support their case. It must be admitted that there is no real evidence that the UFOs are spacecraft, nor that that their occupants are aliens. Most “aliens” are no more informative than those met by Burtoo. There are a few instances of UFO occupants explaining to the human witness that they are aliens from another planet, but who is to say that the humanoids are telling the truth. Maybe the alien story is put about to hide the real truth - whatever that may be.

from PARANORMAL SURREY by Rupert Matthews

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Saturday, 1 February 2014

The Tragic Phantom of Knaresdale Hall

The Tragic Phantom of Knaresdale Hall
Nearby Knaresdale Hall is haunted by a pretty young woman in a white dress. Her outfit and her hair are both soaking wet, a clue to the background to the tale. The girl discovered that the Lady of Knaresdale was having an affair with her husband’s nephew and was murdered to ensure her silence. Her body was weighted down thrown into a pond. Her ghost appeared several times over the following days, causing Lady Knaresdale to first go mad and then to confess her crimes. The unfortunate girl’s body was retrieved and given a good Christian burial, but this did nothing to calm her ghost which continues to walk to this day.


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