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Reports of an Alien Autopsy at Roswell

Reports of an Alien Autopsy at Roswell

One part of Corso’s story was immediately tied into what appears now to have been a carefully constructed hoax, but at the time was thought to be possible final proof of the Roswell UFO Crash. Corso said that he read a report that detailed an autopsy carried out on one of the aliens that had died in the crashed saucer at Roswell. Corso gave a lot of detail that he remembered from this report. He said that the bones were fibrous in structure, not cellular like most bones of terrestrial creatures. The lungs and heart showed signs of having been bioengineered, presumably so that they could withstand the rigours of interstellar travel. The musculature indicated that the being came from a planet with a lower gravitational pull than Earth, so it was thought that it would have had difficulty moving on Earth.

According to Corso the report said that two of the aliens had survived the crash. One had tried to flee the crash scene and had been shot by a military guard. The second had been injured in the crash and died a few months later. One doctor suspected that Earth’s atmosphere while not actually toxic to the aliens, did not fully agree with their physiology.

This reference to an autopsy was quickly linked to what was claimed to be a few minutes of movie footage that showed the autopsy taking place. The reports began circulating even before Corso’s book hit the bookshops. According to Ray Santilli, a British film producer, he had been approached by a retired cameraman who had worked for the US military in the 1940s and 1950s. This cameraman claimed to have kept some footage of top secret projects on which he had worked, and now wanted to sell them. He said he wanted to buy a wedding present for his granddaughter.

Santilli said that at first he was doubtful if the footage would have any great commercial value given that projects classified as highly secret in 1950 would probably be declassified by 1995. The footage might, he thought, have some use to companies making history documentaries, so he agreed to view it. He was amazed when one section showed what appeared to be an autopsy of an alien humanoid. The cameraman said that he had shot that sequence in 1947 at a USAAF base in Fort Worth, Texas.

from "Roswell" by Rupert Matthews
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