Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Word about Poltergeists

A Word about Poltergeists

The word “poltergeist” is German for “noisy ghost”, but that does not even begin to describe the range of activities that these entities get up to - nor the sheer terror that they can inspire. When the director of a horror movie is looking for ghostly events with which to scare his audience, it is to the poltergeist that he turns. Their ability to scare, terrify and persecute is endless and their tricky malevolence beyond dispute.

Poltergeists have gone by various names in the past. They have been thought to be a wicked tribe of fairies, being called boggles or boggarts. Others have thought they are demons from hell, or familiar spirits sent by witches and wizards to wreak havoc. These days the disturbances are subjected to more scientific enquiry and more rational explanations sought - though not always with any real success.

Poltergeists come in many forms and their activities can be astonishingly diverse. What links al the cases is that unseen hands move objects, create noises and generally make a nuisance of themselves in a particular house or place of work. Some poltergeists content themselves with childish pranks, others indulge in the full panoply of terror.

from "Paranormal Surrey" by Rupert Matthews.
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