Thursday, 4 December 2014

A Ghost Sighting at the Sun Inn, just north of Houghton le Spring

A Ghost Sighting at the Sun Inn, just north of Houghton le Spring

Take, for instance, the haunting of the Sun Inn, just north of Houghton le Spring. The ghost here is of a middle aged man, but he has no story to explain him. An account of the ghost was given to me by Neil, the chef at the pub.

“Oh right. Well, I’ve seen him a few times, see. But got my best look last winter. My washer and me were in here early in the morning doing our prep – you know getting the vegetables sliced and everything ready for quick cooking. Got to be freshly cooked to taste right, see.

“Anyhow, we were all alone in the pub and working away when the ghost walks along that corridor out there, past the kitchen door that was open. He was an oldish fellah, I think, and wearing a dark jacket. But you’d know him if you saw him. My mate looks up and says ‘Did you see that? Who was that?’ I told him it was just the ghost, but he wouldn’t have it. He insisted it was a real person walking around. So we went out into the corridor, but as you can see there is just that door at the end that opens out into the car park at the rear. There was nobody in the corridor, of course, so we open the door and look in the car park. Nobody there. And because it had snowed the night before we could see there were no footprints either. No one had walked out that door and that’s a fact.” Neil chuckled. “My mate’s face was a picture. I reckon he believes in ghosts now alright.”

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