Thursday, 6 November 2014

The Haunted Yew Tree at Wroughton, Wiltshire

The Haunted Yew Tree at Wroughton, Wiltshire

The hillside village of Wroughton has the unique distinction in Wiltshire of being the location of a haunted tree. The tree in question stands in the churchyard at the top of the hill and is an ancient yew.

The yew is a mighty tree with branches that spread out over 60 feet and cover an area of over 2,500 square feet.

Opinions are divided as to exactly what haunts this tree. One theory holds that it is the ghost of a man who committed suicide by hanging himself from its branches, the sin of suicide being made all the worse for being carried out on holy ground. Another idea is that the phantom is a lady buried in the churchyard who died with a guilty secret.

All are agreed, however, that the way to raise the ghost is to run three times around the yew tree trunk without drawing breath. How one should go about persuading the ghost to go away again, once having raised it, seems to be something not considered. It is probably best to leave this ghost where it is.

from "Haunted Places of Wiltshire" by Rupert Matthews.

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