Friday, 7 November 2014

A Phantom Family at Morville, Shropshire

A Phantom Family at Morville, Shropshire

There is no mistaking the Acton Arms public house. It stands boldly beside the A458 where that road swoops down into a valley to pass through Morville on its way south to Bridgnorth. And fixed solidly to the front wall of the pub is a large wooden panel bearing the painted arms in question.

In the private upstairs area, there seem to be two ghosts. These ghosts are heard, but rarely seen. The more frequently heard is a very well-spoken lady who chatters away as if talking to somebody. Only very rarely can her words be caught clearly, and then they seem to be fairly routine domestic chatter. On one occasion the landlady of the pub was in her bedroom when she heard very clearly a child running along the corridor outside, although she knew she was alone in the building at the time. The footsteps were followed by a sudden crash and a squeal of pain.

“Mummy, I’ve hurt my arm” said a little girl’s voice.

“Oh dear. Now we shall be late,” replied the voice of the well-spoken lady.

Then absolute silence descended over the Acton Arms. A quick investigation proved that the landlady was, as she had thought, quite alone in the pub. A former landlord reported that he once saw this phantom lady coming up the stairs. She was wearing a long black skirt with short, lace up boots and seemed to be of Victorian date.

from "Haunted Places of Shropshire" by Rupert Matthews.

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