Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Haunted Church of Northiam, Kent

The Haunted Church of Northiam, Kent

Find your way to the church in Northiam
This church is one of the oldest in Sussex. It was built in Norman times, though the spire was added later as were the beautiful communion rails within. The ghosts are of two men, but they are never seen. Their voices are heard coming from the vestry. They start off restrained enough, as if two men are engaged in conversation about the weather or some other uncontentious subject. Then the volume rise as tempers seem to fray until the two men are shouting at each other in a violent quarrel. Then they abruptly cease and silence returns. In the 1980s a warden happened to be in the church when the ghostly voices began to be heard. He hurried to the vestry, unlocked the door and threw it open hoping to find the pranksters he blamed for the noises. But the room was quite empty.


From "Ghosthunter Walks in Kent" by Rupert Matthews.
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