Monday, 8 September 2014

The Sad Phanton of Lydia Atley

The Sad Phanton of Lydia Atley

Further upstream from Oundle, Northants, the Nene flows past the little village of Ringstead. One night in the 1780s a local girl by the name of Lydia Atley went missing and was never seen again. Local gossip had it that her boyfriend, a farmer from Addington, had killed her after she told him that she was pregnant. There was, however, no evidence against the man and no body was ever found.

The ghost of poor Lydia, however, was soon seen about. It stands beside the gate to the church dressed in the long frock and tight bonnet that she was wearing when she vanished. Usually she simply fades from view, but one or two witnesses say that they have seen the spectre turn and walk off along the lane to the east. Perhaps she is recreating her last walk on earth, or she may be trying to lead humans to the spot where her bones lie buried. If so, she has not succeeded. She vanishes too quickly for any mortal to learn where she is going.

from "Ghosthunter Guide to England" by Rupert Matthews

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