Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Crying Ghost of Dorchester, Dorset

The Crying Ghost of Dorchester, Dorset

Dorchester is a county town of great character. It is, of course, at the centre of “Hardy Country” and as such has numerous reminders of the great writer, Thomas Hardy. More than one of his novels was set here, though the town was fictionalised as ‘Casterbridge’ and short stories and poems also relate to this town. People have lived here for over 5,000 years, so it is no surprise that ghosts are thick on the ground.

In the town centre park lies the excavated Roman House.

Unusually for a Roman site, the mosaics have been left in place instead of being removed to a museum. When the house was excavated the pathetic bones of a baby just a few weeks old were found in the foundations. This grim discovery may explain the plaintive crying that has been heard in this park from time to time. Dorchester was the Roman city of Durnovaria, one of the largest and most prosperous in southern Britain. Unlike some, it survived the English invasions and continued to be a busy centre for the surrounding countryside through the middle ages and down to our own times.

from "Ghosthunter Walks in Dorset" by Rupert Matthews.

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