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The Trinidade UFO Sighting

The Trinidade UFO Sighting

In January 1958 a Brazilian survey ship, the Almirante Saldanha, arrived at the Pacific island of Trindade where Brazilian Navy had an oceanographic station. Just after noon on 16 January the photographer Almiro Barauna was on deck when another crew member pointed out to him an object in the sky. The object was at first taken to be an aircraft, but its lack of wings made Barauna reach for his camera. The object circled around the island, then flew off. Barauna managed to take four photos, though in his excitement he did not check the settings on the camera and all four pictures were consequently slightly over exposed. About 100 men of the ship’s crew or base’s residents saw the UFO.

Realising that there must be no suspicion of fraud or hoaxing, Barauna persuaded the captain of the ship to supervise the developing of the photos in the on-board laboratory and on the ship’s return to port submitted the negatives and prints to the Brazilian navy for expert study.

The developed photos matched exactly the descriptions given by the witnesses. The craft was shown as being a flattened sphere with a wide rim or flange around its centre, giving a rather Saturn-like appearance. The body of the craft was pale grey, the rim dark grey and a greenish mist or spray trailed behind it. The overall diameter of the craft was estimated to be about 130 feet and its speed around 600mph.

The Trindade sighting is famous largely because of the photos that were taken. The UFO shows features that are repeated in many sightings. The shape of a flattened sphere with a rim is one that is reported in a great many cases. That apart the behaviour of the UFO was not particularly noteworthy. It flew at a speed easily attained by conventional aircraft and its flightpath, circling the island and heading off in a straight line, could be mimicked by a human craft. Were it not for the photos sceptics might have dismissed this sighting as being that of a misidentified aircraft.

from "Alien Encounters" by Rupert Matthews
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