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Just last summer I saw a UFO.

Just last summer I saw a UFO.
I’ve been investigating, researching and writing about UFOs and aliens for some 15 years or so now, but never before have I seen something flying in the sky that I could not identify. I have seen odd lights a plenty, but generally close to airports or airfields that would probably explain them. Although I have spoken to plenty of people who have had odd encounters I had never had one myself. Judging by what witnesses had told me, I was not altogether sorry about this.
But there I was on a beach in Cornwall, England, on a balmy summer’s evening walking back to the holiday cottage that I and my family had rented after a rather nice meal at a local pub. My friend Pete suddenly stopped and pointed up into the sky.
“What is that?” he asked.
Moving slowly through the sky toward us was a line of red globes. They made no sound, moving with an eerie silence. There were eight of them, all moving at a steady speed and  in a straight line - coming from inland and heading out toward the sea. I stopped to watch them, as did my wife and Pete’s wife. The objects came steadily onward heading more or less straight for us.
It was difficult to gauge their height, size or speed since in the clear night sky of a Cornish summer there was nothing to really compare them to. I would guess that they were not very high, perhaps a few hundred feet at most, and that they were quite small, maybe a couple of feet across. Nor did they move very quickly. Perhaps no faster than I could run.
As we watched, the objects reached a point almost overhead, though slightly to the east. Then the first one came to a gradual stop, seeming to climb steadily. The second reached about the same spot, then it too halted and began to climb. Moving in silent succession each of the objects did precisely the same thing. By the time the eighth had come to a stop and begun to climb, the first two or three had faded from view.
For a few moments we watched as the glowing lights climbed. Then the final one faded out of sight. They had gone.
What were they? Well, the easy answer is that I do not know. And for that reason they can be counted as a UFO. They were Unidentified, they were Flying and they were Objects.
I doubt that there was anything very odd about them, however. Cornwall is a holiday destination for teenagers, the elderly and everyone in between. And people on holiday can get up to all sorts of odd things - especially in a New Age place like Cornwall.
My personal view is that the objects were mot probably a number of those paper balloons that are powered by a small burning lamp suspended underneath them. The hot air from the lamp fills the balloon, causing it to rise into the sky. When let off at night the balloon is virtually invisible, only the flaming lamp is to be seen as if suspended in empty air.
The movement of the objects we saw would seem to fit the idea. Several balloons let off from the same spot a minute or so apart would go up into the sky and follow a similar path. Drifting north on a breeze they may have reached the turbulent air flows that usually form over the coast as the warm sea airs ride up over the cooler land air columns. That may have been the cause of their sudden halt and steep climb.
Well, that is my idea. When dealing with UFOs it is usually best to propose a mundane explanation whenever possible. But the truth is that we saw so little of the objects that it is impossible to be certain what they were.
And that is very much the problem with reports of UFOs. So many of them are lacking in detail, could be explained as perfectly normal objects or are rather uninteresting. On that basis, skeptics argue that there are no such things as truly unexplained flying objects, there are only ordinary objects in the sky that the witness did not identify properly. Less charitable skeptics would suggest that at least some witnesses have simply made the whole thing up.
But that is not the case. As this book will show there is much, much more to it than a few glowing fires seen drifting through the summer sky.

from "UFOs: A History of Alien Activity from Sightings to Abductions to Global Threat" by Rupert Matthews
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