Wednesday, 9 July 2014

York's Haunted Railway Museum

York's Haunted Railway Museum

On the far side of the bridge you could, if you are feeling energetic, take an excursion to the National Railway Museum which lies about two thirds of a mile away. Turn right into Station Avenue. Do not bear right into the station itself, but continue straight on into Leeman Road, cross the railway bridge and find the museum on your right. There is, of course, a charge for entry but for those interested in railway history it is a price well worth paying to enter this magnificent collection of trains, carriages and railway paraphernalia of all kinds.

The interest for those looking for ghosts lies in one of the old sleeping cars preserved here. A strange figure has been seen in the carriage, peering out at the museum-goers who pass by. He is described as being smartly dressed in suit and tie of an old-fashioned cut, but those who have seen him insist that there is “something odd” about him. Quite what is apparently impossible to put into words, but it does seem to be somewhat disquieting.

from "Haunted York" by Rupert Matthews.

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