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The Roswell Incident Cast of Characters (part1)

 Cast of Characters

Studying the mosaic of information given by the various sources of information and using it to attempt to produce a coherent account of what is claimed to have happened in and around Roswell in July 1948 can be a complex business. In particular remembering who all the different witnesses and others involved can be difficult. I therefore provide this list of the people mentioned in this book.

Gerald “Gerry” Anderson came forward in the 1990s giving a detailed and comprehensive account of events at Roswell that he claimed to have witnessed for himself. It later emerged that Anderson had been only five years old at the time and there was no evidence that he had, as he claimed, been with his uncle in Roswell in July 1947.

Pete Anaya and his brother Ruben were civilian workers at Roswell air base who had a security pass to enter the outer compound of the base with its living areas, storerooms and hospitals. Pete claims to recall the events of July 1947 clearly and although he did not see much himself claims to be able to remember accurately what other people more closely involved told him at the time. 

Grady “Barney” Barnett was in 1947 a civil engineer working on projects across New Mexico, but based in Socorro. He died before UFO researchers became interested in the Roswell Incident, but had told of his experiences to friends several times. These accounts were consistent and clear, though in places rather vague.

Bessie (or Betty) Brazel was the daughter of Mac Brazel. Aged 14 in 1947 she claims to have seen and handled some of the wreckage.

William “Mac” Brazel was the rancher on whose land the “Debris Field” was found. He was quoted in the press at the time and spoke about the event to his friends and neighbours. Brazel died in 1963 so his testimony survives only as the second hand accounts remembered by others and in documents written in 1947.

William “Bill” Brazel jr is the son of Mac Brazel. He was a young adult in 1947. He remembers some events that he experienced himself, and also recalls much of what his father told him about the Roswell Incident.

from "Roswell" by Rupert Matthews
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