Monday, 30 June 2014

The Strangeness of Meon HIll, Warwickshire

The Strangeness of Meon HIll, Warwickshire

The landscape of southwestern Warwickshire is generally flat with just a gentle rise and fall of the landscape to add interest. But near the village of Mickleton the imposing bulk of Meon Hill dominates the skyline. This is the northern outlier of the Cotswolds, which run southwest into Gloucestershire and beyond.

This has long been a hill of legend and mystery. A labourer working the slopes of the hill in the 16th century is rumoured to have unearthed a pot filled with ancient gold coins. The hill itself is said to have been created by the Devil who threw a huge mound of earth at Evesham Abbey, so angry was he at the sanctity of the monks there. Timely prayers by the monks caused the missile to swerve in flight and land near Mickleton instead.

from "Haunted Places of Warwickshire" by Rupert Matthews.

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