Thursday, 26 June 2014

The Grumpy Old Man of Newark

The Grumpy Old Man of Newark
Other ghosts in Newark are more difficult to date. Typical is the grumpy old man who haunts Old Kings Arms in Kirkgate. The pub gained its name in 1820 when popular King George III died and his son, George IV ascended the throne. The landlord of the time so disliked the wastrel George IV, that he dubbed his pub the Old Kings Arms to associate it with the Old King.

The pub’s ground floor is much as it has been for centuries, but what used to be the first floor living quarters for the landlord have now been converted to be a restaurant and kitchens. It is here that the pub serves its hearty meals, as opposed to the snacks served in the bar. And it is here that the grumpy old man makes himself a nuisance. He will stomp about bad temperedly, moving furniture, switching off lights and slamming doors. One afternoon in 2001 the barman was tidying up after lunch when he heard the ghost approach him from behind and then push him roughly aside.

from "Haunted Places of Nottinghamshire" by Rupert Matthews.

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