Monday, 9 June 2014

The Ghost of Ampthill Castle

The Ghost of Ampthill Castle

The mighty fortress of Ampthill Castle is no more, but the ghost that haunted the castle for so many years is still there. He is one of the more dramatic apparitions of Bedfordshire, but does not always appear in his full splendour.

People in Ampthill who know about the ghost of Great Park will cheerfully confirm that he is a most splendid fellow. A knight dressed in a full suit of shining armour, carrying a shield boldly painted with a colourful coat of arms and carrying a lance from which streams a brightly decorated pennant. He gallops out of the old ruins, down a long disused road and disappears close to a stream.

This sounds a truly spectacular phantom to rank alongside England’s best. However, those who have actually seen the ghostly knight of Ampthill are not too sure. They report a more insubstantial phantom. It is, without doubt, a ghostly horseman but he seems to be a misty, grey shape rather than a definite knight in armour.

Perhaps this ghost was once as magnificent as local talk has it, but he has faded with the years. Some ghosts do that.

from  Haunted Places of Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire [Paperback]  by Rupert Matthews
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