Friday, 28 March 2014

The Cavalier of Littledean Hall

The Cavalier of Littledean Hall

An anonymous cavalier haunts Littledean Hall in the heart of the Forest of Dean. This is said to be England's oldest inhabited house having Saxon foundations visible in the cellars and standing on a site with pre-Roman ruins clearly visible. This haunting dates from the Civil War when a troop of Parliamentary troopers rode up to the hall just as two prominent local supporters of the king were visiting. Colonel Congreve and Captain Wigmore were taken by surprise, but managed to grab their weapons before the Roundheads were upon them. A brutal swordfight took place in the Hall, with the two cavaliers being killed after accounting for several of their enemies. The ghostly royalists give no hint of this violent end, sitting quite happily to one side of the room. The bloodstains caused by the fight can still be seen.
From Haunted Gloucestershire by Rupert Matthews

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