Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What are the Aliens up to?

The explanation most favoured by those researching UFOs is that they are spacecraft bringing aliens to Earth. Opinions differ as to why the aliens are visiting our planet. Some think that they are basically friendly or at worst disinterested observers. Other researchers fear they are hostile and cite cases of people being abducted to support their case. It must be admitted that there is no real evidence that the UFOs are spacecraft, nor that that their occupants are aliens. Most “aliens” are no more informative than those met by Burtoo. There are a few instances of UFO occupants explaining to the human witness that they are aliens from another planet, but who is to say that the humanoids are telling the truth. Maybe the alien story is put about to hide the real truth - whatever that may be.

from PARANORMAL SURREY by Rupert Matthews

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