Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Busby UFO

The Busby UFO

In the later 1940s the flying suacer reports that were made to the press or the military were usually fairly vague. People reported seeing saucer-shaped object flying very fast, or bright lights at night moving in unusual ways.

On 19 August 1947, for instance, a Mr and Mrs Busby were sitting on the porch of their house in Butte, Montana, with a neighbour enjoying the warm evening. A large bright object flew overhead, heading northeast at a tremendous speed. Ten minutes later another ten objects came over flying rather slower, but again heading northeast. As the startled witnesses watched, three of the objects peeled off from the triangular formation and headed due north.

The Busby’s did not give any clear description of these objects as regards size, shape or colour. Merely that they were bright and moved fast.

from ALIEN ENCOUNTERS by Rupert Matthews

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