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Issues surroudning UFO Crashes

Issues surroudning UFO Crashes

Since early in the year 1950 there have been repeated rumours, supposition and some evidence that things have not gone entirely the way that the aliens controlling the UFOs would want. Indeed, some researchers suggest that things have been going wrong for the aliens right from the very earliest days of UFO activity in the wake of World War II.

Many witnesses to UFO landings and the behaviour of the beings that have emerge from them reported that the aliens had seemed disturbed by the presence of humans. Whatever the aliens had landed to do, and very often this seemed to include studying wildlife and plants, had been stopped by the arrival of humans. In itself this indicated that the alien project - whatever it was - was being routinely disturbed. That need not mean that the aliens had been deflected from their purpose. After all, they may well have built into their plans the assumption that some landings would be disturbed and cut short.

However, the loss of a UFO with its crew, and their capture by human authorities, would most certainly represent a blow to the aliens and their work. Whatever else can be said about UFOs and their crews, the desire to remain anonymous and unproven would seem to be paramount. After all, if the UFOnauts wanted to make direct and open contact with humanity, they need only land in Central Park, outside the Tower of London or in Red Square. That they choose to land in remote rural areas and flee when seen by humans must show that they wish to remain elusive.

And yet there have been repeated suggestions that UFOs have crashed, that their crews have been killed and that both UFO and crew have been recovered by human governments to be taken away for study. For obvious reasons, such allegations remain unproved. If they are true, the governments concerned have clear and pressing motives for denying that they ever happened and for covering up the evidence. If they did not take place, those same governments would have equally obvious motives for saying that they did not take place.

To find the truth, it is clear that little value can be placed on official documents willingly issued by the authorities. CIA Director Richard Helms was once asked what was the single most important rule of keeping secrets. He replied “Put nothing on paper”. It must be assumed that if UFOs have crashed and been recovered that governments would follow Helms’s advice as closely as they could.

from UFO by Rupert Matthews

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