Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Myssterious Cornwall

There can be no doubt that Cornwall is a unique and beautiful part of Britain. The county is dominated by the granite mass that lies beneath the soils. It is that granite that has allowed this long, thin peninsula to withstand the pounding of the Atlantic storms as they as they sweep in from the west. It is that granite which forms the bedrock on which the landscape is built.

Whether it is the heights of Bodmin Moor or the cliffs of Lands End, the ancient rocks of Cornwall underlie the landscape. And that landscape is quite distinctive. Nowhere else in Britain are the fields so small, so that the hedges and walls can shelter the crops from the prevailing winds that force the trees to grow with a slant to the east. Nowhere else do the stone villages huddle around ancient churches quite so closely. Nowhere else do so many tiny harbours shelter boats and yachts under the shadow of ancient farming villages.

And nowhere else is there quite such an astonishing array of the mysterious, paranormal and downright odd. Other counties have their ghosts, their witches and their legends - but Cornwall has the lot and in numbers that seem to defy belief. It seems that almost everywhere you turn there is another mystery to be found, unearthed and studied to the bafflement and wonder of all.

from MYSTERIOUS CORNWALL by Rupert Matthews

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