Monday, 6 January 2014

A Tragic Huanting at Wolvey, Warwickshire

The month of July is the time to come to Wolvey in search of the supernatural for this is the anniversary of a tragic event that was to claim three lives.

Back in the 18th century a local man fell in love with a girl from a passing gypsy troupe. The villagers warned him that no good would come of the romance, for the travellers would soon move on. The man was, however, truly smitten as was the girl. To the surprise of almost everyone, the girl gave up her travelling life to marry the man and settle down in Wolvey. The following July tragedy struck. The beautiful girl died in childbirth, the baby dying also.

The pair were buried together in the same grave in Wolvey churchyard. Every day the distraught young man would come to the grave on his way to and from work, weeping for the loved ones he had lost. A year to the day since the burial, he was found dead slumped over the grave. His family buried him in the same grave as his wife and baby.

Each July the young couple, carrying their baby in their arms, return to the churchyard. They are seen sitting or walking quietly and appear to be quite at peace with themselves and with the world that treated them all so badly.

from "Haunted Warwickshire" by Rupert Matthews

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