Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Maricoxi - is it real?

Moving to South America, the reports of the Maricoxi would seem to be descriptions of a type of human that is quite distinct from ourselves. We know that human evolution has produced many side branches, dead ends and detours. There is nothing intrinsically impossible about a distinct subspecies or species of human surviving to the present day. The evidence for it is, however, slim. Such evidence as there is relates back to a time when the vast forests of South America were utterly unexplored. These days, what with logging and forest clearance, there are few areas that are unknown. There is today no such tribe as the Maricoxi and all reports of primitive humans ceased some 30 years ago. The evidence would indicate that there are no tribes of early humans in South America, and most of the reports and stories could be dismissed as folktales and myth.

But then there is the report made by Colonel Percy Fawcett. Fawcett was very definite about what he had seen and experienced. He was a serious explorer who has never been found to have lied or misreported what he discovered - though he admittedly had some rather odd theories to account for it all. I think we must accept that Fawcett really did meet a tribe of hairy humans of rather primitive aspect, but we must also accept that whatever these humans were they are now extinct.

from "Bigfoot" (also published as "Sasquatch") by Rupert Matthews

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