Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Hill UFO Abduction Case - after the sighting

A week after their sighting of a UFO the Hills fell unwell, Betty began to suffer from intensely vivid nightmares. Although the details varied, they all centred on Betty being kidnapped and subjected to painful procedures by short humanoids. About the same time, Barney suffered from painful stomach ulcers. Wondering if there was any link to the UFO sighting, the Hills contacted researchers, who were the first to spot the discrepancy between the expected and actual arrival time of the Hills.

The researchers suggested that the Hills get in touch with Dr Benjamin Simon, a psychiatrist who would be able to explore any deep seated emotional trauma caused by the sighting that might be causing the nightmares and ulcers. It was Simon who hit upon the idea of using hypnotic regression to explore the missing two hours of time to see if this revealed anything of relevance.

The tale that came out was consistent between the two Hills, disturbing in its content and unsettling in its implications. Although the emotional responses of both Betty and Barney were so great under hypnosis that it took several attempts and careful questioning to draw out what had happened, the final story was clear.

The “missing time” episode began when Barney got back in the car after seeing the humanoids through his binoculars. The car would not restart, and soon a group of the humanoids had emerged from the UFO and were surrounding the vehicle. From there on it just kept getting worse.

from  Alien Encounters: True-Life Stories of Aliens, UFOs and Other Extra-Terrestrial Phenomena by Rupert Matthews.

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• The pilot who saw a formation of alien aircraft
• The Exeter Incident – chased by UFOs in the darkness
• The Socorro Incident – solid evidence of alien activity
• Betty and Barney Hill – abducted on Highway 3
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