Monday, 9 September 2013

The Cycling Skeleton of Woodhorn, Northumberland

Quite why a spectral skeleton riding a a bike should be seen in the in lane outside the church is quite unclear,

The ghostly skeleton of Woodhorn might stand for the ghosts of Northumberland. It is utterly mysterious, bizarre, unexplained and yet it exists. Frightening and alarming though t it may be, the ghost goes about its own business without seeming to so much as notice the mere mortals that it frightens so much. And so the ghosts wander about Northumberland adding their own mystery to this most mysterious of counties.

From "Mysterious Northumberland" by Rupert Matthews

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This book concentrates on all aspects of the supernatural, paranormal and mysterious in the county of Northumberland. Ghosts, myths, legends, big cats, witchcraft, sacred wells and the little people all feature in the book. Among the mysterious place to feature are: Bamburgh Castle - a number of different ghosts are said to lurk here, including the very active lady in the central keep. This is also the supposed location of the Lost Hand of St Oswald. Elsdon - home to the notorious Brown Man of the Moors, an elemental spirit is in here as is the site of a Fairy Market, with a fairly long legend attached The book is arranged by subject, though each and every area of Northumberland is covered to give a wide geographical spread around the county.

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