Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Skunk Ape Sighting

Baptist Minister S.L. Whatley was cutting firewood near his home at Ocala, Florida, when he saw an ape-like creature watching him from about 300 yards distance. The creature was covered in dark fur and had a chocolate-coloured face free of hair. The arms were long and hung down loosely. Whatley picked up an axe intending to tackle the creature, but it scampered off.

from "The Little Book of the Paranormal" by Rupert Matthews

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The paranormal is a subject of endless fascination to mankind. There is an insatiable appetite for tales of UFOs, ghosts, cryptozoology and other features of our world that are frequently reported by eye-witnesses, but are not yet accepted by science as being genuine phenomena or events. This little book introduces the reader to the world of the paranormal and entertains them with numerous anecdotes, snippets of information and lists of events. Rupert Matthews has produced an amusing, and yet serious volume that will leave the reader wondering just why scientists refuse to accept the amazing world of the paranormal. Including chapters on UFOs and aliens, Bigfoot and man-apes, ghosts and hauntings, sea-serpents and lake monsters, predictions and curses, poltergeists, paranormal humans as well as near-death experiences and mediumship, this is a thought-provoking book covering all aspects of the paranormal in an accessible and entertaining way. In 1944 an RAF air crew operating over Europe at night reported seeing mysterious glowing balls that followed their aircraft, swooping and diving around the night sky at amazing speeds. In 1943 prospector John McQuire staggered into Ruby, Alaska. He said that he had been attacked by a large, hairy 'bushman', but that his dogs had chased the creature away. McQuire was badly injured and died a few days later. In 1838 HMS Fly was cruising off California when it encountered a large, crocodile-like creature. It was reported as having the head of an alligator, but with a much longer neck. Instead of legs it had four flippers similar to those of a turtle. On 21 July 1961 Helen Stitt and her father were camping beside Loch Ness on a fishing trip. In the early evening they saw a sudden splashing, from which arose a humped, rounded object. The object then swam off toward the centre of the loch where it slowly sank from view. In 1889 a poltergeist that infested a Quebec farm owned by the Dagg family developed a fascination with money, It moved cash from one place to another, even throwing a five dollar bill into a fireplace on one occasion. Find out about all these mysteries, and many more within ...

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