Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Prehistoric Spooks at Bincombe, Dorset

The hills above Bincombe are dotted by ancient burial barrows, some of which date back to the Bronze Age more than 3,000 years ago. These rounded earthen mounds were built to house the remains of warriors, chieftains and priests. Buried with their treasures and weapons, the dead have rested for millennia beneath the green turf of Dorset.

Such barrows can be found right across Dorset, but those on the hills above Bincombe are haunted in dramatic and surprising fashion. At noon on summer’s days the barrows echo to the sound of singing. It is a very gentle singing and remarkably pleasant, and it seems to come from somewhere deep beneath the ground.

Very different is the phenomenon which appears here on winter nights. Then the barrows will, on occasion, pour forth a column of flame that shoots upward with an orange intensity that tears open the night sky. The fiery pillar burns brightly for a few seconds, then vanishes as abruptly as it appeared, leaving behind no trace of scorching or ash on the turf.

from Haunted Places of Dorset by Rupert Matthews

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