Saturday, 24 August 2013

Phantoms of Market Drayton, Salop

Old Colehurst Manor lies a short distance south of the town of Market Drayton, which still holds its fine Wednesday Market, established on the orders of King Edward I. It is tucked away down a narrow lane off a lane which itself lies off the A53. It is as well the house is signposted from the main road or visitors may have trouble finding it.

There are a number of ghosts here, but only two appear with any regularity. The most active is seen so often that he is known affectionately as “Fred”, though nobody knows his real name. He is dressed in fashions of the 17th century and has long flowing brown hair and a round, chubby face. It is generally agreed that he is a happy ghost, much given to laughing as if somebody has just told him a joke. When the house was undergoing restoration in the 1980s, “Fred” was at his most active. He seemed to take particular interest in the building works, being seen near to where the workmen were busily restoring the former glories of Old Colehurst Manor. It is thought he approved.

The other apparition seen with some frequency is that of three ghosts that sit near one of the downstairs windows. They are of a young couple who are comforting a toddler. The child is crying, though without any great urgency. Perhaps it has fallen or received a little bump or scrape. Whatever the cause of the distress, it is soon put right by the loving parents. The child ceases its sniffles and the ghosts promptly vanish.

From Haunted Shropshire by Rupert Matthews

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