Sunday, 19 August 2012

The Morag Monster

One venue for several famous sightings of a water monster has been Loch Morar, where the monster is known as “Morag”. Fishermen Duncan McDonnell and William Simpson were afloat on 16 August 1969, when they had a close-quarters experience with this being of gigantic proportions.

It was 9pm and the fishermens’ boat was travelling at a speed of about seven knots when a splash in the loch nearby caught the men’s attention. Natural curiosity soon turned to terror as the thing churning the water made a bee-line straight for them. As McDonnell recounted: “I looked up and saw about twenty yards [18m] behind us this creature coming directly after us in our wake. It only took a matter of seconds to catch up with us. It grazed the side of the boat, I am quite certain this was unintentional. When it struck, the boat seemed to come to a halt or at least slow down. I grabbed the oar and was attempting to fend it off, my one fear being that if it got under the boat it might capsize it.”

Later, Simpson wrote of the terrible experience: “We watched it catch us up then bump into the side of the boat, the impact sent a kettle of water I was heating onto the floor. I ran into the cabin to turn the gas off as the water had put the flame out. Then I came out of the cabin to see my mate trying to fend the beast off with an oar, to me he was wasting his time. Then when I seen the oar break I grabbed my rifle and quickly putting a bullet in it fired in the direction of the beast.”

The shot was enough to see off the marauder, although neither of the men believed the bullet had wounded it. They estimated that the creature measured about 9m in length and had a snake-like head extending some 0.5m above the water. Its skin was rough and brown.

With a depth of 305m, Loch Morar is deeper than Loch Ness and its waters run clearer. If this were the home of a beast it would remain a private one, as there are no roads running around the loch. One rumour is that Morag is the ghost of a long-extinct dinosaur.

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