Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Angry Ghost of Deerhurst, Gloucestershire


Thought to be guarding something, though what is unclear, is the belligerent spectre to be found at Deerhurst. This little village stands on the banks of the Severn just south of Tewkesbury. It has long been slightly off the beaten track, as the road that leads here goes nowhere else, except to the equally remote village of Apperley. Perhaps that is why the ancient Saxon chapel of Odda has managed to survive. Built in 1056, the chapel has remained unaltered since - apart from a bit of repointing from time to time.

The ghost haunts the nearby churchyard of St Mary's, itself a Saxon church although it has been overlaid by later work. This is the phantom of a tall, thickset man in rustic clothing of a century or more ago. He is not seen often, but when he is this ghost makes  a real impression. Angry and annoyed, he shakes his fist and shouts at intruders to his churchyard. It seems he does not want particular people there and certainly does not want them straying off the paths. Then, having made his point, he vanishes.

From Haunted Gloucestershire by Rupert Matthews
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