Thursday, 12 July 2012

Why has nobody found a Sasquatch body?

The one thing that all sceptics and scientists say would convince them that the Sasquatch actually exists is a dead body – or at least a significant part of one such as a skull or several bones. Before moving on to look at the evidence that does exist, it would be worth spending a bit of time looking at the evidence that does not exist. Why is there no Sasquatch body?

One explanation that all researchers have to face is that no Sasquatch bodies have ever been found is because there is no such thing as a Sasquatch. This would be a perfectly logical and rational explanation as to why no bodies have ever been found. But it would be false logic to argue back the other way and state that because no bodies have been found it can only be that there are no Sasquatch. There are other possible explanations as well.

Assuming that the Sasquatch exists as a real animal, individuals must die from time to time and leave their bodies. However, we know that the Sasquatch is a relatively intelligent creature – certainly it has the edge in brain power over other large North American wildlife such as cougar or bear. It may prove to be more intelligent than the gorilla and other large apes. Some researchers believe that it is but as yet this is uncertain. It is not impossible that the Sasquatch do not much care for the thought of the dead body of a family member being devoured by wolves or cougar and so take steps to hide the body from such scavengers. Perhaps they bury the body, perhaps they hide it. Either way the body would not only be hidden from wolves, but also from humans.

If this sounds a bit far fetched, it is worth bearing in mind that archaeological evidence shows that respect for the dead began very early in human evolution. The neanderthals certainly buried their dead, and there is some evidence that the much more primitive Homo erectus might have respected their dead.

An alternative explanation that would also see the dead bodies being deliberately hidden takes it that the Sasquatch would seek shelter when it felt ill. Thus, a sick or injured Sasquatch would crawl off into a dense patch of undergrowth to be safe from cougar or wolves. If that Sasquatch were to die rather than recover, its body would be left lying in a place where humans would be unlikely to find it.

Sasquatch: True-Life Encounters with Legendary Ape-Men by Rupert Matthews. 

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