Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Grey Aliens

The creatures that carry out abductions are generally of the type now known as Greys. They are short and have abnormally large heads. Unlike the humanoids that emerge from landed UFOs, however, they do not generally wear clothes nor are they interested in plants and animals. They most certainly do not flee when humans are observed. Instead these creatures seem obsessed with humans, and in particular with their physiology and reproductive systems. They carry out medical examinations and procedures that are often extremely painful, but of uncertain purpose. These creatures seem to treat humans with total indifference, much as a human scientists might treat a laboratory rat.

In a very few instances, these Greys communicate with their victims, usually by telepathy. They indicate that they are from another star system, though how much trust should be put in communications from such a source is uncertain. Abductions are sometimes, but not always, linked to sightings of a UFO.

The Greys seem to be conducting research and experimentation on humans. This appears to be focussed on breeding and, at least according to some witnesses, involves producing human-alien hybrids. Some researchers note that the Greys routinely try to wipe the memories of their victims and conclude that the aliens want to carry out their experiments in secret. A few researchers treat the abduction experience with caution, pointing out that some features of it have much in common with dreams and the human unconscious.

from UFOs by Rupert Matthews
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