Monday, 9 July 2012

Gibbering Aliens

 William Blackburn of Brand’s Flat in Virginia, USA, was chopping timber with a large axe in the grounds of the Augusta Country Archery Club when he saw two flying objects circling overhead. The objects seemed to be round and slightly flattened.

As Blackburn watched, one of the objects came down to land a few yards away from him. A door opened and out stepped three small humanoids. Each figure was about three feet tall and all were dressed in one-piece suits of a shiny metallic substance. Blackburn noticed that there was one finger very much longer than the others on each hand. Then he was struck by the creatures eyes, which were intensely bright and penetrating.

One of the beings walked over toward Blackburn and began talking to him with some strange, gibbering sounds that Blackburn found utterly unintelligible. After apparently realising that he could not be understood, the alien turned away and walked back to his fellows. All three spoke rapidly to each other before climbing back into their craft and flying off.

from Alien Encounters by Rupert Matthews.
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