Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Civil War Ghosts in Gloucestershire

The marshes at Aust with the Severn Bridge beyond
Distinctly unlucky were the two gentlemen sent by King Charles to cross the Severn to make contact with supporters in South Wales. With a Parliamentarian army under General Massey holding Gloucester, the bridge there was unavailable so the men used the ferry downstream at Aust. Unknown to them, however, the ferryman was a staunch supporter of Parliament. On the return trip, the ferryman landed the cavaliers on what appeared to be the muddy foreshore, but was in fact an isolated sandbank. When the notoriously fast tide came running in up the Severn, the two hapless messengers were cut off and drowned. Their sad spectres wander the muddy foreshore to this day, perhaps seeking the way through the treacherous reedbeds, swamps and marsh to the dry land. These days, of course, Aust foreshore is dominated by the soaring heights of the Severn Bridge, carrying the motorway between England and Wales, so the ferry is no more. Though the ghosts remain.

from HAUNTED GLOUCESTERSHIRE by Rupert Matthews.
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