Wednesday, 6 June 2012

The Phantom Squire of Beckbury, Shropshire

Beckbury lies in the valley of the River Worfe on the far eastern edge of Shropshire. It is one of those villages that is on the way to nowhere in particular and so is found only by those who are going there.

For many years, until 1896, the manor and estates here were in the hands of the Stubbs family. It was Squire Walter Stubbs, born here in 1671, who was to be the most noteworthy of the family. His generosity, sense of humour and extrovert character combined to make his as well known as he was well liked and admired.

For some reason the phantom horseman who rides through the village, past the ancient church and on to Lower Hall is always said to be Squire Stubbs. The identification is odd as the horseman is never seen, only heard. The sounds of passing hoofbeats, jingling harness and a spirited whinnying are heard often enough, but as the rider is not seen it is difficult to know how he can be identified. However, some ghosts are known to fade with age.

Perhaps Squire Stubbs once appeared in all his finery so that locals were able to recognise him, but now only the sounds of his passing are heard.

from HAUNTED PLACES OF SHROPSHIRE by Rupert Matthews. Buy your copy HERE

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