Monday, 28 May 2012

The Phantom Cat of Gunthrope

The River Trent at Gunthorpe, northeast of Nottingham, flows wide and deep. The bridge here is the only crossing point between Nottingham and Newark and now carries the A6097. The village lies off the main road, with broad water meadows running down to the river.

It is across these water meadows that a strange, phantom animal has been seen to run as dusk closes in. Some witnesses liken it to a gigantic cat or panther bounding across the grassland. Others think it is a large dog lolopping along. Whatever it is, the spectral beast is in sight for only a second or two before it vanishes into thin air.

Like the other ghosts of Nottinghamshire, the phantom cat of Gunthorpe goes about its business without bothering too much with the modern, mortal inhabitants of the county. These spectres have their own reasons for walking Nottinghamshire, and it is not for us to bother them with our presence.

from HAUNTED PLACES OF NOTTINGHAMSHIRE by Rupert Matthews.Buy your copy HERE

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