Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The most terrifying white lady of Gloucestershire

The most terrifying white lady of Gloucestershire is likewise without any story, though it is not difficult to guess her background. She appears around the Foregate of Tewkesbury Abbey. Often she simply walks or glides along the path into the churchyard, then vanishes. But sometimes she will pause in her wanderings, turn to face the Foregate and let rip with the most piercing and terrifying scream that can be imagined. Perhaps she is a distant reminder of the terrible slaughter that took place here as fugitive Lancastrians fleeing defeat at the battle to the south in 1471 sought to reach the abbey and claim sanctuary from the vengeful Yorkists who were pursuing them with drawn swords. The vicious massacre would have been enough to make anyone scream.
from Haunted Gloucestershire by Rupert Matthews
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