Thursday, 17 May 2012

The ghost of Woodrow High House, near Amersham, Bucks, is a frequent supernatural visitor. The most dramatic, and best recorded, sighting came in 1946 when a team of workmen were living in the then run-down mansion while converting it for the the use of Federation. A workman named Jim (he did not give his surname to the reporter who covered the story) woke up in the middle of the night, hearing somebody moving around downstairs. Fearing it might be some thief out to steal the valuable tools and materials lying around, the workman got up to investigate.

Silently creeping down the stairs, he was startled to see a woman dressed in green walking slowly along the corridor. At first he took the figure for a real woman, but she ignored his calls as she walked across the hall and, to his horror, passed straight through the window which had formerly been the front door of the house. Now thoroughly disturbed, Jim saw the ghost glide across the grounds to vanish on the edge of some woods.

Jim raced back upstairs to the room where he and his workmates were sleeping. His sudden, agitated arrival woke up his colleagues who demanded to know the reason for the midnight fuss. The report was passed on to the owners of the new house who soon became aware of the story of the phantom Green Lady from villagers. It was decided there was little that could be done about the ghost and the work proceeded. The Green Lady has been glimpsed several times since, but she does nothing to disturb the good work of the Federation that now occupies the house. She merely gives those who see her a bit of a start.


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