Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Baleful Shuck in Bridport, Dorset

This walk takes in stunning coastal scenery, the town centre of Bridport and some spectacular hills. It is, however, both long and, in places, steep and demanding. The supernatural face of the walk is varied and unusual, with many witnesses confirming even the more bizarre phenomena.

The Walk

1) Park in Bridport and walk to the Church off South Street.

This church is the centre of activity by a terrifying beast which is seen at various places in Dorset. This is Black Shuck, a massive black hound with glowing eyes which comes to announce death or misfortune to those who cross its path. This particular manifestation of the Black Shuck is rather untypical in that he does not pace along lanes or run down footpaths. Instead he is reported to sit outside the church and stare balefully at those to whom he is bringing his message of ill fortune. Bizarrely he is said to be invisible to everyone except his victim, others being quite unable to see anything at all even when the gigantic dog is pointed out to them.

from Ghosthunter Walks in Dorset by Rupert Matthews. Buy your copy HERE

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