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The Wolski Alien Abduction Case

No other facet of the entire Alien Encounters enigma has attracted more attention in recent years than that of abduction. The nightmarish quality of the reports makes these stories perhaps the most dramatic and intense Alien Encounters yet reported. Although the experiences reported vary a great deal, they nearly all fit into a definite pattern that has potentially disturbing implications.

One unusual case that forms a sort of bridge between the encounters that we have studied so far and the Alien Abduction proper is that of Jan Wolski, a 71 year old Polish farmer. One morning in the summer of 1978 Wolski was driving his horse-drawn cart through a wood near his home when he saw ahead of him two small humanoids.

The beings were about four feet tall and very slender in build. They were dressed in a tight fitting one-piece outfit of a silver-grey colour. Their heads were larger than a human’s would have been in proportion and had large, almond-shaped eyes of a very dark colour. The ears and nose were very small and the mouth little more than a slit. Bizarrely, they were bouncing along as if their shoes contained hidden springs.

When Wolski came closer, the two creatures noticed him and bounded over to sit up on the cart. One of them pointed forward along the lane, seemingly indicating Wolski to continue. The two beings then chatted to each other in a language that Wolski did not understand. He did, however, get the very strong impression that the beings were in a jovial and happy mood. After a few minutes the cart entered a clearing and the two beings jumped down.

They began bounding off toward a UFO that was hovering some feet above the clearing. The object was white and shaped rather like a house, with a pitched roof like that of a barn. At each corner were cylindrical objects from which projected vertical black poles topped by spinning spiral objects. A loud and intense humming sound was filling the air. As Wolski watched a black box-like object began descending from the UFO on four cables.

One of the humanoids then turned to Wolski and beckoned him over. Since he had got no impression of hostile intent, Wolski climbed down from his cart and walked across the clearing to the UFO. The being then gestured for him to enter the box, which he did. The box then ascended into the UFO.

Stepping out of the box, Wolski found himself inside a very gloomy room. There were two large tubes extending from one side of the UFO interior to the other, and a number of rods in the floor that Wolski took to be controls. Also on the floor were a dozen or so birds, apparently paralysed or dead.

One of the ufonauts indicated by hand signals that Wolski should undress, which he did. The aliens then studied Wolski visually and passed what seemed to be scanners over his body. He was then instructed to get dressed again and was shown back to the box-like lift apparatus. The lift descended with Wolski and the two ufonauts in it.

As Wolski left the lift he thought that he should bid his odd companions a polite goodbye, so he turned to bow and doff his cap. The aliens bowed in return, then the lift went up back into the UFO. The UFO then rose slowly up into the air before departing at high speed.

The Wolski encounter is interesting. In many ways it resembles an alien contact of the type we have seen already. He meets a UFO and its crew, is given a tour of the UFO and then allowed to leave. Like some Trickster ufonauts, the beings Wolski encountered had an interest in local wildlife, as shown by the birds on the floor. However, the encounter also has elements of an abduction experience about it. Wolski was undressed and subjected to a physical examination, albeit of a relatively brief and non-invasive nature.

Perhaps crucially, the beings Wolski met match very closely the description of the beings known to researchers as Greys. It is these Greys that have been involved in the vast majority of abductions.

from ALIEN ENCOUNTERS by Rupert Matthews
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