Saturday, 14 April 2012

UFO - Government cover ups?

An aspect of the UFO experience that has been of increasing importance in recent years are the stories and allegations of government cover ups and deliberate lies.

Undoubtedly the governments of several nations have set out to mislead the public over UFOs. They have dismissed sightings without any real evidence, have sought to discredit witnesses and have generally undermined research into the subject. Although some governments, that of the USA and UK in particular, have recently released documents that were previously kept secret and have made efforts to explain their previous clandestine activities in terms of Cold War suspicions, it is clear that many other documents remain classified and out of sight of the public.

Several theories have been advanced to account for the evidence of government secrecy. The starting point for most of these are the reports of UFO crashes of the later 1940s and early 1950s. The Roswell Crash of July 1947 is the best known of these alleged events. There is enough evidence relating to the Roswell Crash to indicate that something strange did come down into the desert. The Invasion Hypothesis holds that it was an alien spacecraft, and that the dead crew were inside it.

Opinion among UFO researchers is more divided over the Aztec Crash, the Paradise Valley Crash, the Laredo Crash and others. Some believe that most if not all of these events were real UFO crashes. Under this scenario it is thought that there was a clandestine war going on between the USAF and the mysterious intruders. The reported loss of several aircraft and UFOs in a short period of time would indicate that some sort of hostile action was taking place. That the series of crashes ended in the early 1950s would indicate that the hostilities ended.

Other researchers view the rash of poorly documented UFO crashes quite differently. They see the rash of reports, all made with little supporting evidence, as signs of a cover up. This scenario envisages the Roswell Crash as being the only genuine event that saw the USAF retrieve a crashed UFO and its crew. The decision was then made by the USAF high command that it would be almost impossible to keep such an event entirely out of the public view, especially as a press release had been issued from the base before the news black out was imposed.

The false stories of crashes elsewhere were therefore concocted and spread as a smokescreen. The USAF could therefore dismiss the reports of the Roswell Crash on the grounds that the other crash reports had all turned out to be bogus, implying that the Roswell Crash was no different.


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