Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Explanations for the Roswell Crash?

The sceptical researchers then turned to reports of alien bodies. Assuming that the eyewitnesses who reported seeing dead aliens had not been talking about July 1947, but had only placed their memory at that time in response to the excitement generated by the Roswell Incident, the researchers looked for events at around that time that might explain the reports.

They noted that most of the reports had certain features in common. The events generally featured a craft that had apparently crashed and which contained aliens. The aliens were usually said to be dead, lifeless and not moving. The the aliens were said to be humanoid in shape, but not entirely human in appearance. Several reports said the humanoids had only three fingers, or lacked a thumb. The aliens were also said to be bald or hairless and to be dressed in tight-fitting, one-piece outfits. Quite often the bodies were said to be found by and hurriedly retrieved by military personnel arriving in jeeps or small trucks. The witnesses seemed to place the wrecks at two sites, one on the Plains of San Agustin near Socorro and a second to the north of Roswell.

It did not take the researchers long to realise that the reported crashed craft and alien bodies were said to have come down within 100 miles of the White Sands Proving Ground. In the 1940s and 1950s White Sands was the site used by the USAF for test launches of experimental rockets, aircraft and other flying objects of many different types. Some of these were of very unconventional design and certainly did not resemble a conventional aircraft of the time. Several of them could, especially if mangled by a crash, fit the description given of the supposed crashed alien spacecraft.

The presence of alien bodies at first seemed more of a challenge to explain. However, it soon emerged that among the top secret experiments carried out at White Sands were some that would today be viewed as distasteful and probably immoral. These involved strapping chimpanzees and monkeys into small compartments inside rockets or aboard experimental aircraft, then firing them off into the air. The unfortunate animals were attached to monitors that recorded the physical effects on them of being sent aloft in such extreme circumstances. Inevitably many of the animals perished, often in conditions of great pain and distress. It was all in the name of scientific advance and at the time was considered perfectly acceptable by the scientists doing the work.

The report, however, concluded that none of these White Sands launches could have explained the reports of a crashed alien spacecraft. The reason for this was that, according to the official records of White Sands, none of their launches had come down either at San Agustin nor near Roswell. The records showed that every single launch had either come down within the vast area covered by White Sands itself, or had been successfully destroyed in the air by the on board self-destruct devices. These were always fitted so that if a device did go off course it could be destroyed before it came down to cause damage to civilian property or expose the secrets on board to to the prying eyes of Communist agents thought to be in the area.

from ROSWELL by Rupert Matthews. You can buy your copy HERE

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