Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The vanished ghost of the Shambles, York

A religious building used to stand in Shambles, but was demolished in 1887. This was the church of St Crux, which stood toward the southern end of the street. If you look carefully you can see portions of the walls still standing, built into other structures. The most active of the ghosts which formerly haunted this church was the tall, handsome man who would be seen on many morning peering out of one the windows that looking on to Shambles. The man was described as having a calm and serene expression, taking no notice of the early morning bustle in the street outside. Some of the bolder passersby who saw him would call out or wave, but the ghost always ignored them. On one occasion the verger offered to unlock the church early so that folk could go into the church to accost the phantom directly. There were no volunteers.

from HAUNTED YORK by Rupert Matthews

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