Monday, 5 March 2012

The Ghostly GIrl of Knowbury, Shropshire

The phantom schoolgirl of Knowbury is seen most often around the school, but never in it – which must have been a relief for teachers struggling to keep order in a class.

She is said to be aged about 11 years and to wear a white pinafore dress with full sleeves and, according to some, lacey cuffs and collar. In other words, a fairly typical country girl of the later Victorian era. This ghost was usually seen walking slowly or standing quietly at various spots near the school and St Paul’s church. In the 1950s an outbreak of poltergeist activity in a house in the village was blamed on the girl, though why was never entirely clear.

Visible phantoms do not tend to throw objects around very often, nor to indulge in the many other tricks of the typical poltergeist. In any case the nuisance soon faded, though the ghost remains. Even the closure of the village school has not persuaded this ancient pupil to depart.


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